Managing your profile

Once you have created your profile, it's very easy to update. Just click on the "Log in" button on the right-hand side of the page.

Once you have logged in, you can go into the sections listed below to change your profile:


My Profile

Filling in all the information in this tab will enable you to complete and register your profile. It will then be very easy for you to apply for new opportunities and saved information will be automatically generated.



Personal options

This section allows you to set the parameters in the tool to help you complete your profile effectively and apply for job opportunities on our website.



Changing your username

When you first register with our website, you will be automatically allocated a username, which will be requested each time you log on to our site to update your profile, search and apply for jobs. In this section, you can change your username.



Deleting your profile

This section allows you to delete your profile if you are no longer interested in vacancies with Bayer and if you no longer wish to receive automatic correspondence.



To follow is a selection of the options available in the job vacancies section:


View offers

In this section, you can search all the job opportunities available in Bayer. The search engine covers all offers worldwide.


Application via a reference code or advanced search

If you have been sent a reference code (for a vacancy for which you have already applied), you can search for this specific position in this section.



When browsing the vacancies, you can register certain opportunities as "Favourites". You may then consult these positions at a later date, without having to go through a new search in the full list of vacancies.


My applications

This section enables you to view all your applications and their status at any given time. You may also withdraw your application if you decide you are no longer interested in certain positions.


Search agents

This section allows you to set up automatic searches for future job opportunities with Bayer. You can select specific criteria of interest and decide how often you would like to receive emails notifying you of these new opportunities.

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