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Our mission "Bayer: Science for a Better Life"


Bayer is an innovation-driven, internationally-recognized company whose history stretches back over 150 years. Our core competencies lie in health care and agriculture.

We develop new molecules for use in innovative products and solutions that will make life better for people, animals and plants. Our research and development is underpinned by a deep understanding of the biochemical processes at work in living organisms.


Through our products, we are helping to meet some of the greatest challenges of our time.
The world's ever-growing, ever-older population needs improved medical care and an adequate food supply.
Bayer is improving quality of life by preventing, alleviating and curing diseases. We are also helping to ensure the world produces enough high-quality foodstuffs, fodder and plant resources.


Specific goals include making working conditions as pleasant as possible and utilizing the abilities and experience of our employees. That is vital to encourage innovation and help us and our customers move ahead. Every employee at Bayer makes a contribution to the company’s performance. The ability to work independently is key to success in this approach.

International Culture


The growing number of people we employ in the emerging markets is spurring our efforts to make our global workforce more diverse and international. One of the main aims of our diversity strategy is to considerably increase the proportion of local managers over the medium term, particularly in the emerging markets.


The members of our Group Leadership Circle represent 22 nationalities, and about 70 percent are native to the country in which they work. The Bayer Group currently employs people from 127 countries around the world.


In light of this, we are taking measures to further promote collaboration among employees, and between employees and customers, from different cultural backgrounds. In 2012, we introduced the innovative online tool “GlobeSmart” which helps employees obtain information about etiquette and communication in over 60 countries.


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Social Responsibility


At Bayer, we combine a professional, cosmopolitan approach with a culture of social responsibility.


As a responsible employer, our mission also includes safeguarding and promoting our employees’ health. We offer wide-ranging benefits to promote the health of our employees in all the countries in which we operate, including medical checkups, on-site medical services, sports and exercise programs both inside and outside the company, and reintegration assistance after recovery from long-term illness.


This is one significant way in which we support long-term employability, which is increasingly important as people around the world retire later due.


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Bayer pursues a value-based and sustainable human resources policy that combines social responsibility with a performance-oriented corporate culture. This human resources strategy is based on the Bayer Group’s values and leadership principles, which were introduced and implemented in 2010 under the acronym “LIFE” – which stands for Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency.

Each of these four values is illustrated with seven examples:



  • Be passionate for people and performance
  • Show personal drive, inspire and motivate others
  • Be accountable for actions and results, successes and failures
  • Treat others fairly and with respect
  • Give clear, candid and timely feedback
  • Manage conflicts constructively
  • Create value for all our stakeholders



  • Be a role model
  • Comply with laws, regulations and good business practices
  • Trust others and build trustful relationships
  • Be honest and reliable
  • Listen attentively and communicate appropriately
  • Ensure sustainability: balance short-term results with long-term requirements
  • Care about people, safety and the environment



  • Drive change actively
  • Be ready to adapt to future trends and needs
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Think and act with customers in mind
  • Seek out opportunities and take calculated risks
  • Be open-minded
  • Embrace lifelong learning



  • Manage resources smartly
  • Focus on activities that create value
  • Do things simply and effectively
  • Deliver with appropriate costs, speed and quality
  • Speed up good decision-making
  • Be accountable for consistent execution
  • Collaborate for better solutions

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